The real secret about Crypto Trading

With so much hype, movement and propaganda, one can forget there is a real business in crypto and it’s there for everyone – if they can get past the confusion, ambiguity – and find the real secret of credible crypto.

What is Credible Crypto ?

What a lot of the “extreme” communities do not want to tell you is that there is a place to work with crypto that does not require their extreme views and practices and one which is accessible, and profitable to all. We have to understand the extreme communities before we can understand what is there beyond their sphere.

The You’ll-Get-Burnt-Day-Trader.

There is a Day Trader community, mostly that have come from the conventional regular financial asset day trading community that  have swapped or extended into crypto based Day Trading. Day Traders themselves are for the most part, hard working, clever and very diligent individuals or businesses. They plug in their minimum of 8 hours a day and they scruitinise, in real time, every nuance and flicker of the prices, graphs and candles, and hopefully finish the day in a better shape than that morning. A positive net return makes that day positive and self-affirming.

The issue with Day Trading is that it is extremely volatile – for any asset market, not just crypto assets, and it does indeed need concentration, effort, experience and intuition to be able to perform well. However, there is an instinctive attitude by these traders to really put the warning signs out to the general community to “don’t do what I do”. There is a repeated message which warns the casual trader that they will most likely not succeed in this market, that there are years of experience needed and “don’t blame us” when it goes wrong. This is somewhat self fulfilling. The industry continues to speak like a financial brokerage, piling on the terminologies, algorithms and complexity to practically intimidate the casual trader away. Why ?

Well there is of course a lot of merit in the warnings, if you dive in without any idea of what you are doing and somehow think you can arbitrarily make a return, then indeed, heed the warning and consider less risky areas of investment. However, I strongly believe there is a very big market of casual traders whom should be given a lot more support in crypto trading than they currently are. Their options appear to be merely twofold – invest in Day Trading, learn all the technicals, spend hours every day experimenting and only when you can manage all the jargon and complexities you might be considered the novice trader but you get some modicum of respect for trying. Or, the other apparent option is to be the become the religious HODLer.

The Religious HODLer.

For those who have not ventured to put the many hours and days into the market knowledge, for reasons of ability, time, pressure, emotion or desperation, you can join the HODLers. This may seem a little unfair to be disparaging to those who have made major investments in digital coins and assets and are commited to the longer view. But where and what is the logic to this behaviour?

Truthfully, the HODLers are those who have become so wrapped up in the propaganda, that they have no precedent for these investments other than old classics : “someone has the inside scoop..”, “the SEC have done this, so this is going to happen…”, “there was a big whale lay off so this will naturally cause that…”. The list of of mainly social media led signals, messages, events, remarks and sometimes just nonsensical noise is so volumnious and compounding, the more suspectible casual risk taker is bound to get lost in the mire of influence and pressure. What makes the hold-out brigade even more dangerous is the echo chamber syndrome. If you have invested in XYZ coin, and you want to feel better about doing so, look for any encouraging news about the asset.

Like most things online, you can always find what you want. You can regularly find the news you need, even in most obvious of circumstances where the oppostie is true. What’s worse is, to be able to compound these beliefs, any rational discussion or challenge of these decisions can be met with quite intense and negative sentiment back.

It doesn’t really give much room for manoeuvre here – highly complex, time intensive Day trading, or else the Buy and pray brigade.

And here’s where we get to the point all along – there is a middle ground, and truthfully, it’s in this space where users are having the best experience and the best opportunity for regular positive outcomes.

And it’s not something that has been explained well enough in this industry, and we need to bust the myths and secrets.

Credible Crypto Explained

This middle ground is a hugely lucrative market place to land in, once it’s understood what the expectations should be. It’s probably easier to state what it is not firstly :

  • It is NOT a get-rich-quick environment – a more realisitic description is a steady-performance environment.
  • You do NOT put your life savings into these ventures – you put as much as you can afford and over time, you obvously can afford more during a performing market
  • You do NOT day trade and scrutinise by the hour  – but you also do not hold on for months at a time for no apparent reason.
  • You do NOT use propaganda and anecdotes to make decisions – you simply use historical data to get optimal projections.
  • You do NOT make rash and immediate reactions to market changes – you make decisions when there are clear data led indicators.
  • You do NOT become “loyal” to particular coins or assets – you swap and change without sentiment, when the time is right.
  • You DO set performance indicators as parameters for your data led decisions and use these as a baseline which you only change after consideration of global market behaviours, not individual patterns.

The above pointers are really down to one common factor – a balanced, realistic approach, with a clearly (simple) data led system. It may not sound like the usual sensational crypto promises out there, but if you follow the Credible Crypto approach, positive results are close to a certainty in a short to mid term outlook. There are other pointers to keep plans optimal :

  • Set yourself up on a reputable Exchange and ensure you understand the basic usage of your account.
  • Link to a system for that Exchange which
    • does NOT expect you to learn financial complex terms and options and does NOT expect you to pour over graphs every day – avoid graphs if you want to be avoid the Day Trader complex.
    • does NOT talk about buying lots of bots, templates, rules or schemas etc.
    • DOES provide easy to understand simple tables or rankings of the coins or assets you want to see within the Exchange
    • DOES provide easy to understand options for actions to take on your portfolio
    • DOES provide regular updates in easy to understand reports and automated options on actions to take based on your parameters.
  • Follow the market with the realisitc and credible expectations firmly in place and allow the system to provide  you with the clear data led steps and decisions to take.

This mid ground prespective is truly a non-sensational but actually ground-breaking approach – the more we all de-bunk the extremes of this industry but also show the constructive, highly progressive and positive experience it can be, the sooner the secret is out !

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