No Monthly Fees simply pay as you trade only

Whereas most cryptocurrency platform will provide pricing plans that lock you in, we prefer to be transparent and clear – we simply add a tiny transaction fee onto your trades

CryptoCracker Pricing

We keep it simple. No credit cards, subscriptions or monthly billing. Alongside the normal Coinbase fees you may pay anyway on every transaction, we simply add one simple, basic crypto fee, visible and clear. We will accumulate these fees until it becomes reasonable to charge them so that you are not hit with transaction charges. So our fee is easy to understand, for every transaction through CryptoCracker, no matter how big or small in value, we only ever charge you :
USDC 0.15 per transaction*
*Depending on your account and the region, you may actually pay the fee in another currency, but the price will have been converted to directly match the standard USDC fee quoted.
USDC is an index linked stable coin to USD which means the fee is always clear and quantifiable to the US dollar. 

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