Savings Profile: A Smarter Way To Save 

Savings Profile allows you to set an amount aside when your portfolio increases in value – your own personal Crypto Piggybank! Whether you’re an experienced investor or someone who likes to play it safe, you can tailor your profile to match your style. Choose when to save (like after a nice increase in your portfolio’s value) and how much you’re aiming to earn from it. It’s all about making your investments work for you, in a way that feels right. 

Why use CryptoCracker Savings Profile? 

Move away from a traditional savings account or the confusing jargon of investment strategies. Unlike traditional crypto savings accounts or investment vehicles, CryptoCracker offers users a secure and reliable way to save. Your savings are stored in stable cryptocurrencies, which means they’re designed to be less affected by market swings, keeping your hard-earned money safer from the ups and downs of the crypto world. 

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your savings are securely stored and protected in stable cryptocurrencies, even when the market feels like a rollercoaster. 

How Does The Crypto Savings Profile Work? 

How much can I save? 

With CryptoCracker Savings Profile, YOU are in control. Do you want to set aside €10 every time your crypto assets grow by €20? No problem. Do you prefer to wait for bigger milestones? That works too. For example, you could set your base value for Savings at €100, once your portfolio reaches €120, €10 is invested in your stable coin of choice leaving €110 in your investment coins. Then once it reaches €120 again, the cycle repeats itself.  

If you decide to go in bigger increments you might not save as fast but if there is a “bull run”, then you could capitalise on this strategy. (Learn about what a Bull run is in our Knowledge base – don’t worry – no bulls involved!) 

Where does my money go?

Your savings are converted into a Stable Coin of your choice, acting like a safety deposit box away from market volatility. 

This means your savings stay put, unaffected by market fluctuations, within your investment account. 

You can choose from a variety of trusted stable cryptocurrencies, including big names like Euro Coin (EUROC), USD Coin (USDC) and Tether (USDT). 

Flexibility at your fingertips 

Changed your mind? You can adjust or pause your savings profile anytime. Want to dive back into investing with those savings? Simply convert them into another coin, and they’ll automatically be considered in your trading strategies. 

With CryptoCracker, you’re not just saving money; you’re also becoming financial savvy in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency. 

Start shaping your future today. With peace of mind. 

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